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Etching process of etching mesh by etching machine

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Etching process of etching mesh by etching machine

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Etching net is also called filter net. It is made of metal sheet by etching machine. Foshan Xinhengli Hardware Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of metal etching machine. We can provide a complete set of corrosion equipment and etching technology according to customer's requirements. Etching net mainly acts on liquid separation in life. Common product names are tea net, bean net, sieve net and horn net. Flower sprinklers and so on are collectively called filters.

Introduction of etching net:

Etching net is a process of using chemical etching fluid to spray onto the workpiece by high pressure of etcher, which can reduce the chemical reaction between part of the workpiece and etching fluid. To reduce the area of a piece of metal, we must make a protective layer where there is no need to reduce. This protective layer is done by exposure and development.


Material of etching net:

The most common ones are stainless steel sheets, followed by aluminium sheets, copper sheets and various alloy sheets.

Etching process flow of etching net production:

Through the characteristics of the etching network, we can know that the etching network is all produced and processed by chemical etching method, because the etching network is very dense and small holes are not allowed to have burrs and batches, and the stamping process can not do this density and smoothness. The process of plasma etching machine for etching net is to transfer image by exposure development, so the production and processing of etching net need six equipments, which are coater, oven, exposure machine, developer, etcher and ultrasonic cleaner. Through the performance of these six equipments acting on their respective processes to achieve production and processing.


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