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nameSuzhou Cycas microelectronics co.,ltd

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1st floor, B06 building,No.2,Fuxing Road,Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province 215600 PRC

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    Suzhou Cycas microelectronics co.,ltd is a company providing manufacturing equipment, components and services for domestic semiconductor, MEMS and optoelectronic customers. Our core product line includes various series of etching machines, magnetron sputtering platform, dry process degumming machine, plasma timing machine, semiconductor, used semiconductor equipment and other reasonable price, quality manufacturers, we were founded in 2014, the core product line includes Novellus C1/C2 PECVD, Lam Rainbow/TCP series etcher and AMAT P5000/Centura platform CVD/ etcher.


     As a professional refurbisher of film / etching equipment, Suzhou Cycas has maintained good cooperation with many semiconductor wafer factories, refurbishment companies and accessory suppliers in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places, and is committed to providing domestic customers with a complete set of solutions from the old equipment testing, transportation, import, equipment refurbishment and installation.


    The perfect after-sales service is the principle that Suzhou Cycas always adheres to. All the employees of the company are professional equipment engineers with bachelor's or master's degree in electronics, motor and physics. They have 8-15 years of maintenance and application experience in the machines they are responsible for. Many engineers come from the original factory, have received the professional training of OEM, can quickly provide professional and effective advice and service for every customer for equipment failure.


    Thank you for browsing our website. If you have any further interest or questions about our products, please contact us and we will provide you with timely services.