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Our strength

Suzhou Cycas microelectronics co.,ltd founded  in 2014, is a company providing remanufacturing equipment, spare parts and services for domestic semiconductor, MEMS and optoelectronic industry customers. Our core product line includes Novellus C1/C2 PECVD, Lam Rainbow/TCP series etchers and AMAT P5000/Centura platform CVD/ Etcher.

  • Industry status

    As the world's largest trading platform for capital assets, we create liquidity and enable vertical markets. The suppliers turned to us for a fair and fast sales process.

  • Scientific research strength

    Aggregate the world's supply of capital assets. We match buyers and sellers, do due diligence, and create trading opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

  • Important awards

    We present capital assets in a detailed and detailed manner, enabling buyers to compare potential purchases and make informed decisions. We mitigate trading risk. If there is a problem, we will solve it.