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Principle of plasma etcher and matters needing attention

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Principle of plasma etcher and matters needing attention

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The working principle of planar etching is to etch between two planar electrodes. It is different from common inductively coupled plasma (ICP), which is produced by high voltage coil. Our SCE Series Aluminum Reaction Chamber plasma system is the latest product in this field.

Cautions for plasma etcher

# When the equipment is working, it is forbidden to support or depend on the equipment and touch the high frequency cable and coil to avoid accidents.

# The actual power of high frequency power supply should not exceed the maximum limit. When checking equipment, the power supply must be cut off after shutdown.

# Workplace must be kept clean and dry. No irrelevant articles, especially flammable and explosive articles, should be placed on or around equipment.

# When long-term parking, pay attention to damp-proof, remove the power supply line, and turn on every 3-5 days to ensure the vacuum of the reaction chamber to avoid contamination.

# Vacuum in reaction chamber should also be maintained during shutdown and overnight. If etching process is carried out after long shutdown, no-load etching and silicon wafer etching should be carried out first.


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