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Principle and application of dry Resist Asher.

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Principle and application of dry Resist Asher.

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Atmospheric plasma processors reduce production costs and product prices

The plasma processing machine is the surface of the workpiece which is treated by the plasma. It makes the surface of the workpiece more adherent and easier to package and adhere. This is very important in the packaging and printing industry. Because there is no paste before plasma surface treatment equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of printing and packaging industry, but because of the fast speed of pasting, there are many non-stick packaging in the working process, which wastes a lot of materials, and the production cost and packaging printing industry has been high. Because of the appearance of plasma surface treatment equipment, packaging industry has greatly reduced the cost of brushes.

Plasma surface treatment equipment

First, many characteristics: the workpiece processing depth of the surface is very small, but very uniform.

Two: It is the whole green treatment process, paperless debris and other debris.

Third: The plasma surface treatment equipment is very stable, because the plasma surface treatment equipment works close to the workpiece, but the workpiece surface through the nozzle to reduce the temperature of plasma spraying, so as to ensure continuity and uniformity.

1) Reaction mechanism of plasma dry resist asher:

In dry plasma degumming technology, oxygen is the primary corrosive gas. It is subjected to high frequency and microwave energy effects in the vacuum plasma degumming machine reaction chamber. Ionization produces oxygen ions, free oxygen atoms O*, oxygen molecules and electrons mixed plasma. Free oxygen atoms (about 10-20%) with strong oxidation ability react with photoresist film under high frequency voltage effect: O 2 O*, CxHy + O* CO 2 + H 2. The CO2 and H2O produced by the reaction are then removed.

2) The operation method of plasma degumming:

The film to be removed is inserted into the quartz boat and parallel to the airflow direction, pushed into the vacuum chamber between the two electrodes, vacuum to 1.3 pa, into the appropriate oxygen, adhere to the chamber pressure of 1.3-13 Pa, add high-frequency power, light purple glow discharges occur between the electrodes, after adjusting the power, flow and other technical parameters, Different Degumming rate can be obtained, when the film is degummed, glow disappears.

3) Influencing factors of plasma degumming:

Frequency Selection: The higher the frequency, the easier the oxygen will ionize to form a plasma. If the frequency is too high, the electron amplitude is shorter than the average free path, the probability of collision between the electron and the gas molecule will be reduced and the ionization rate will be reduced. The common frequencies are 13.56 MHz and 2.45 GHZ.

Power effect: As for the gas with certain quantity, the power is high, the density of active particles in plasma is high, and the degumming speed is fast. But when the power is increased to a certain value, the reactive ions consumed by the reaction energy are full, and the degumming speed is not significantly increased with the increase of power. Because of the high power and the high temperature of the substrate, the power should be adjusted according to the technical requirements.

Selection of Vacuum Degree: Appropriate improvement of Vacuum Degree can make the average free path of electron motion larger, so the energy obtained from the electric field is larger, which is conducive to ionization.  Otherwise, when the oxygen flow rate must be punctual, the higher the vacuum degree, the larger the relative share of oxygen and the higher the concentration of active particles. However, if the vacuum is too high, the concentration of active particles will decrease.

The influence of oxygen flow rate is that the oxygen flow rate is high, the density of active particles is high, and the degumming rate is accelerated; but if the flow rate is too large, the ion recombination probability increases, the average free path of electron motion is shortened, and the ionization intensity decreases. If the pressure of the reactor chamber remains unchanged and the flow rate increases, the amount of gas extracted will also be added, and the amount of active particles that have not yet participated in the reaction will also be added, so the effect of flow rate addition on the degumming rate will be insignificant.


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